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a little bit more about me

My name is Beth and I accidentally have found myself living in Arizona but I'm originally from Tennessee. My education is in history and anthropology, which means that I know a little about a lot of things and can hold my own at a cocktail party in mixed company. I work in museums, doing all sorts of things ranging from researching and writing exhibits to cataloguing absolute wickety wak. I love comedy, baking, photography, my daughter, dogs, and above all else, napping.*

* 2013 edit: Oh yeah, and my new son too.

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    unfiltered thoughts: an ethical dilemma

    The new French bistro down the street from my work is soooooooooo good. But, as it has just opened and my building is a bit off the beaten path, I find myself faced with an ethical dilemma. Do I:

    1. Tell everyone that it is a delightful little hidden gem and you should absolutely go there at every opportunity, running the risk that it will become as popular as it deserves to be, at the expense of me never having their cozy warm atmosphere all to myself again?
    2.  - OR -

    3. Tell no one to help to keep it hidden as long as possible so that should they fold I will not have to go on as extreme a diet as I would have had they stayed open long-term?

    As much as I enjoy having it to myself, enjoying the peace and quiet as I sip my smooth, perfectly roasted coffee and sample their flaky, buttery croissants and delicate macarons, I am going to choose #1. If you are in my neck of the woods, you really must go to Delice.



    introducing my high carb diet

    My work just got infinitely better.

    There is a new French bistro.

    Adjacent. To. My. Building.

    I could go ahead and post my "before" picture here. The "after" will be 35 lbs heavier.


    How Local, Exactly?

    People at work leave menus from nearby restaurants in our kitchen, and the one on top caught my eye, as it's a new bistro that I've been wanting to check out. The tagline under the bistro's name says "We use local, organic, free-range ingredients." Sweet!

    But when I got to the entrees section, their four entrees are: shrimp, rainbow trout, scallops, and mussels. There are shrimp farms here, but otherwise there must be an alternate definition of "local" that I'm not aware of.


    I'm Obviously Just Not Cool Enough

    There's a pizzeria here that has been widely acclaimed as the best pizza in the US. (That's not the start of a joke. It's for real). It's right next door to where I work, so every afternoon I get to watch people line up, starting around 2 p.m. for their 5 p.m. nightly opening. So after having to watch others eat there for a couple of months, I finally got to eat there myself. 

    Since they don't take reservations, you get in line, at 5 p.m. make your way to the front of the line behind everyone else, give your name, and you & your party wait for three hours waiting for a table. They own a little bar next door, so you can go hang out in there. But after not having eaten since 11 a.m., and then drinking 3 beers, you could have fed me microwaved elementary-school cafeteria pizza and I would've thought it was the shit.