a little bit more about me

My name is Beth and I accidentally have found myself living in Arizona but I'm originally from Tennessee. My education is in history and anthropology, which means that I know a little about a lot of things and can hold my own at a cocktail party in mixed company. I work in museums, doing all sorts of things ranging from researching and writing exhibits to cataloguing absolute wickety wak. I love comedy, baking, photography, my daughter, dogs, and above all else, napping.*

* 2013 edit: Oh yeah, and my new son too.

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    Today's monkey of the day

    This series of portraits is SO awesome. What's that got to do with monkeys, you ask? Why, it's portraits *of* monkeys of course!



    Monkeys on the Loose!

    Sure, okay, so there's a mountain lion who was trying to get his gambling on in a Reno casino. But I was far more engrossed by this story of monkeys where they don't belong (via kottke). Seriously, who knew there was a pack of wild monkeys in Florida?!



    Easily Confused

    My Better Half™: "Your car reigstration has expired, so be sure not to let a cop get too close on the way home."

    Me: "So I should speed away?"

    My Better Half™: "Well, sure, but only if you can determine if that's Smokey or the Bandit behind you first."

    Me: "Which one's the chimp?"

    My Better Half™: "You're thinking of Every Which Way But Loose."

    My Better Half™: "...And that's Clint Eastwood, not Burt Reynolds."

    My Better Half™: "...And it's an orangutan, not a chimp."

    Me: "Alright. But to be fair, it's easy to confuse Burt Reynolds and an orangutan."


    Monkey of the Day


    Monkey of the Day

    Today's monkey is a bit of a throwback, from Vintage Printable.