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My name is Beth and I accidentally have found myself living in Arizona but I'm originally from Tennessee. My education is in history and anthropology, which means that I know a little about a lot of things and can hold my own at a cocktail party in mixed company. I work in museums, doing all sorts of things ranging from researching and writing exhibits to cataloguing absolute wickety wak. I love comedy, baking, photography, my daughter, dogs, and above all else, napping.*

* 2013 edit: Oh yeah, and my new son too.

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    unfiltered thoughts: an ethical dilemma

    The new French bistro down the street from my work is soooooooooo good. But, as it has just opened and my building is a bit off the beaten path, I find myself faced with an ethical dilemma. Do I:

    1. Tell everyone that it is a delightful little hidden gem and you should absolutely go there at every opportunity, running the risk that it will become as popular as it deserves to be, at the expense of me never having their cozy warm atmosphere all to myself again?
    2.  - OR -

    3. Tell no one to help to keep it hidden as long as possible so that should they fold I will not have to go on as extreme a diet as I would have had they stayed open long-term?

    As much as I enjoy having it to myself, enjoying the peace and quiet as I sip my smooth, perfectly roasted coffee and sample their flaky, buttery croissants and delicate macarons, I am going to choose #1. If you are in my neck of the woods, you really must go to Delice.



    Unfiltered Thoughts: Old Coffee edition

    Do you think that this coffee that I made last Tuesday is still okay? Hmm. Smells fine. Can coffee turn into alcohol or something, like is it okay to drink?

    Let's give it a try and see how it goes.

    Words I may will live to regret.


    Good Thing I'm Wearing My New Shirt

    Lesson for today? Never walk and attempt to drink coffee at the same time.


    Yes, Virginia, There is Such a Thing as 'Too Much Coffee'

    This morning, baby woke up to feed at 2 a.m. and, as is her usual pattern these days, just needed a little top-off to get her back to sleep, so she was back out within 10 minutes. Me, on the other hand, could not get back to sleep.

    At all.

    So when it came time to get up, I stumbled into the kitchen to get the coffee that I so desperately would require to make it through a workday. I poured a gigantic mug full and drank it, and packed another mug for the road. Drank most of it en route. 

    When I got to work, I poured another cup.

    And now I feel ill.


    My Regular Coffee Order Just Changed

    So Michael Jackson's dead. I don't know why everyone is so shocked. I'm certainly not. But this does rock my world in one significant way.

    I guess it's now in poor taste to continue to order my coffee "black like Michael Jackson." (With cream).